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Wardrobe Planning for Spring 2018

by habituallychic

03 . 01 . 18

I was talking with a friend recently about how you have to buy what you want right away because if you don’t, it will sell out. Retailers seem to be buying less and not restocking pieces when they sell out too. Essentially, if you snooze, you lose. I learned that lesson last year when I wasn’t prepared for warmer spring weather. I have a lot of events starting later this month so I’ve been planning my wardrobe. I thought I’d share a few of the new pieces I’ve purchased and how I’m pairing them with items I already own. Hope this helps you get a jump start on spring.

Every time I go out in warmer weather, everyone seems to be wearing an army green jacket. I bought one last year that I don’t love. When I saw this tan , I thought it would be a better option for transitional weather. It has a zipper that allows you to wear it short or long. The first size I ordered was too big so I returned it and ordered one size down. It arrived yesterday and fits perfectly.

I love these and I plan to lighten up on colors for warmer weather.

I usually only buy in the darkest wash but this lighter style is a great way to transition to spring. You can also save 30% off with the code DIYUMSN until March 4, 2018.

I bought last year’s version of these in black suede but missed getting the nude version. I was definitely not making the same mistake this year. These also come in a higher heel style.

This outfit will be perfect for pairing with my  in caramel. I still can’t believe how much stuff this bag can hold.

Spring means unveiling very pale skin so I warm it up with for a sun kissed glow.

If you’ve seen my closet post from last year, you know I’m not allowed to buy anymore tan trench coats. I love this black for darker outfits and for evening events. It’s on sale now too.

I feel in love with as soon as I saw it online. It’s the perfect day to night dress and the splatter print will be fun for art events. I’ll probably just have the open back sewn up a little so you won’t be able to see my bra strap.

My birthday is coming up in April and I think this  might be what I want. It would match the pearl ring that I wear everyday too.

Even though I own the last year’s version of these black , I decided to buy a new pair for this spring and summer. They’ve updated the style a little and they were the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn. I could actually wear them all day and they looked great with cropped pants and dresses. 
I sold my red a few years ago because it was just too big and heavy for me. I loved the color though so I’d like to buy another red bag this year. I love the shape of this . It comes in 15 other colors and patterns too.

I love self tanner when it’s time for bare legs. This is a good way to get ready for warmer weather.

I saw this on someone on Instagram Stories. When I was near the store, I decided to check it out. I can honestly say that it doesn’t look as good on the hanger as it does when you put it on. The fit really sold me. The sleeves were also perfect and won’t need hemmed. If you are tall, they might be too short so you could push them up for a more relaxed look. I wore this last week when it as 78 degrees and it was perfect. I may change the buttons out but since it needs nine, that might not happen.

I’ve posted this before and it’s still one of my all time favorite blouses. I wore it last week under the Zara Blazer and the black pants below but it also looks great with jeans too.

I’ve also written about these . They are insanely flattering and comfortable. I already own two pair but I just bought another pair yesterday so I’ll have a fresh pair for events. They’re also 30% off right now with the code DIYUMSN so you can get a pair in every color.

I bought the in nude patent leather and black suede but I didn’t want to go crazy and buy a third pair in orange suede. But I am very tempted.

I used my with this outfit but I love this is you need a chic work bag.

You should always wear sunscreen but sometimes you forget which is why I love this . You can keep it in your bag and apply over makeup whenever you need a little extra sun protection.

Happy almost Spring!





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