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Into the Fire

03 . 12 . 08

As long as I’m discussing crushes, I should mention that I have a weird crush on Anthony Bourdain. I know you think I’m crazy. He’s too old. He drinks too much. He smokes too much. Probably does too many drugs. But he makes me laugh. And isn’t that what every woman wants. A man with […]

My post about David Netto had me pondering relationships. The Vogue article pronounced that opposites really did attract but in the case of David and Ione, I think we could all see that it would never last. They were much too different and David finally married a woman he knew from his childhood days. But […]


03 . 09 . 08

I was in Soho last weekend working on a project and I popped into BDDW and was amazed not only at the beautifully handcrafted furniture but also the wonderful vintage pieces dispersed throughout the store. You can get a feeling of what it was like in the photos. Each piece of furniture is handmade in […]

I’ve managed to contract the plague that is going around New York right now so I’m too busy chugging cough syrup and watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice to write anything coherent. Until I recover, I’m leaving you with some lovely photos of stylist Lili Diallo’s Brooklyn loft. I think this is a […]

I have California on the brain this week so after posting Kaufmann House designed by Richard Neutra, I thought it might be fun to see how David Netto‘s style progressed after he moved from New York apartment to a Richard Neutra house in Los Angeles. Above is David and his wife, Elizabeth and their daughter […]

April Domino Cover

03 . 05 . 08

US Weekly has a sneak preview of the April cover of Domino magazine featuring Drew Barrymore in this week’s issue…and you thought they were just good for useless celebrity gossip. I will definitely be stalking my local newsstand until it arrives!

Kaufmann House

03 . 03 . 08

My last post about J. Crew using Kaufmann House in Palm Springs as a backdrop for their latest catalog shoot had me going back for more. Designed in 1946 by Richard Neutra, it is a wonderful example of mid-century modern architecture. The house was commissioned by Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. who also commissioned Frank Lloyd […]

I’ve been wanting to visit Palm Springs for a while and now I’m even more inspired after seeing the photos of Kaufmann House, the backdrop to J. Crew’s spring collection. Kaufmann House was commissioned by Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr., the same man who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build Fallingwater. It was designed by Richard […]

I heard Alexandra Von Furstenberg was launching a line of furniture a few months ago but couldn’t find any information until now. For the few of you who don’t know, Ms. Von Furstenberg is one of the Miller sisters and was formerly married to Diane Von Furstenberg’s son. She is well bred and well traveled […]

Dream Design

02 . 28 . 08

Production Designer Sarah Greenwood of Atonement fame has done it again with the lust worthy sets for Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day! Penelope Green recently interviewed the Oscar Nominated designer for The New York Times and here’s what she had to say. Q. Most of the film takes place in the fantastical flat of […]

There was such a huge response to the custom light fixtures seen in the photos I had posted from Thom Filicia’s portfolio that I had to track down who made them. It involves a husband, a wife, some interior design, a little welding, photography, a dragon, and a few topiaries, all of which I will […]

My post about Nate Berkus had me thinking about my other favorite TV makeover marvel Thom Filicia. With all that charitable work helping straight men clean up their acts, it’s easy to forget that he is a real interior designer with a fabulous portfolio behind him. And speaking of behinds, he was also the miracle […]

Green is Good

02 . 25 . 08

I know it’s been talked about forever but I thought you might be interested to know that you can now own the infamous green dress from Atonement that has been deemed the “it” dress of the year. Clothes Off Our Back is auctioning off the dress online with proceeds from the auction benefiting Variety – […]

Actually the Architectural Digest Oscar Greenroom this year goes to Dorothy Draper and Company, Inc., or more specifically Carleton Varney who now runs DD. Above is the rendering, courtesy of my new friend Kelly Reynolds who was lucky enough to work on the project and gave me the inside scoop. The room was inspired by […]

Chic for Sale

02 . 22 . 08

Before it’s recent demise, House and Garden was selling chic vintage prints of images from it’s archives but now you can buy them from all the magazines under the Conde Nast umbrella in their chic new store. From vintage Vogue covers to iconic images of Veruschka and interiors by Cecil Beaton, above. You name it. […]

Katie’s Tablescape

02 . 22 . 08

If you haven’t already seen it, you must check out Katie’s beautiful tablescape and flowering quince branches at Katiedid that she was inspired to create after my post about forcing branches. I have to say that she could give any top interior designer a run for their money. It’s one of the most beautiful displays […]

Wedding of the Year

02 . 21 . 08

If you live in New York or follow the society pages, then you’ll know how obsessed everyone has been over the photos of Lauren Davis’s recent wedding to Andres Santo Domingo in Colombia. Well, the wait is over. Vogue has published the exclusive photos by Arthur Elgot in the new March 2008 issue. It was […]

A Flair for Living

02 . 21 . 08

“The true spirit of hospitality is about sharing the pleasure that you derive from living with beauty.” – Charlotte Moss Charlotte Moss’s eagerly anticipated new book A Flair for Living will be released in May and can be preordered on her website. It is touted as “her most elegant and personal design book to date, […]

Forcing Spring

02 . 20 . 08

It was 65 degrees here Monday in New York and this brief reprieve had me craving spring even more so I decided to force the issue literally. Forcing branches is an easy and pretty inexpensive way to brighten up your home while it’s still cold outside. Just cut the ends and arrange the branches in […]

Today, I found the most beyond chic blog that I am still obsessing over! Hollister Hovey‘s eponymous blog is like visiting the best vintage store where you want to buy everything in sight! It’s a place where Hemingway, Osa and Martin Johnson, Amelia Earhart, The Duke of Windsor, Ralph Lauren, and The Royal Tenenbaums would […]

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